PMBOK Guide 4th Edition Sample Questions

Here are some sample questions based on PMBOK Guide 4th edition. Answers and more links are at the end of the post.

Q 1 - Procurement audits are conducted during -

A. Administer Procurement
B. Close Procurement
C. Monitor & Control Risks
D. Perform Quality Assurance

Q 2 - Which of the following is NOT a tool for Define Scope?

A. Product Analysis
B. Alternative Identification
C. Stakeholder Analysis
D. Facilitated workshops

Q 3 - All of the following are Group Decision Making Techniques EXCEPT -

A. Unanimity
B. Negotiating
C. Plurality
D. Dictatorship

Q 4 - You have been assigned the project manager of a project whose earlier project manager has left the organization without proper knowledge transfer. To understand the complete scope of project, you will look at -

B. Project Management Plan
C. Communication Management Plan
D. Performance Reports

Q 5 - All of the following are tools & techniques of Sequence Activities EXCEPT -

A. Precedence Diagramming Method
B. Applying Leads & Lags
C. Arrow Diagramming Method
D. Dependency Determination

Q 6 - Money spent on the project activities during the project to avoid failures is -

A. Cost of Non-conformance
B. Cost of Conformance
C. Failure Cost
D. Cost of Poor Quality

Q 7 - Five stages of team development are -

A. Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, Adjourning
B. Forming, Norming, Storming, Performing, Adjourning
C. Forming, Norming, Performing, Storming, Adjourning
D. Norming, Forming, Storming, Performing, Adjourning

Q 8 - You have entered into a fixed price contract with a seller but with an understanding that contract cost may change due to currency exchange rate fluctuation. What type of contract is this -


Q 9 - You have released an advertisement in a leading newspaper to call for the sellers of a product that is needed to complete your project. Which process are you performing now -

A. Plan Procurement
B. Administer Procurement
C. Outsource Procurement
D. Conduct Procurement

Q 10 - You are the project manager for a software development project. There are 70% chances of making company $240,000 and 30% chances of costing the company $130,000 by doing the project in-house. What's EMV of the doing the project in-house?

A. $168,000
B. $39,000
C. $129,000
D. $207,000

For more numerical and formula related sample questions visit this post. Before attempting those questions, you may want to visit PMP Formulas at a glance.


Q 1 - B - Procurement audit is a tool & technique of Close Procurement. PMBOK Guide 4th edition, P343, Sec

Q 2 - C - Stakeholder analysis was a tool for Scope definition in PMBOK Guide 3rd edition. This has now become part of Facilitated Workshops, where stakeholder's needs are understood.

Q 3 - B - PMBOK Guide 4th edition, P108, Sec

Q 4 - A - PMBOK Guide 4th edition, P121, Sec

Q 5 - C - Arrow Diagramming Method (ADM) was tool & technique for Activity Sequencing in PMBOK Guide 3rd edition.

Q 6 - B - PMBOK Guide 4th edition P195, Sec

Q 7 - A - PMBOK Guide 4th edition P233, Sec

Q 8 - C - PMBOK Guide 4th edition P323, Sec

Q 9 - D - PMBOK Guide 4th edition P332, Sec

Q 10 - C - $240,000*0.7 - $130,000*0.3 = $129,000

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